Google’s Phone-app might become ‘Google Call’

With the rebranding, it would also get a new four-color icon.

Important highlights –

  • Google Call might be the rebranding of Google’s phone app.
  • It also gets a four-color icon.
  • The icon is a generic phone similar to the Voice logo
  • Yet the new icon isn’t live anywhere.

Details –

In the past few weeks, Android dialer to non-Pixel gadgets was brought by Google, and also it changed the Play Store listing. Now it seems and gives the idea that a new upcoming rebrand will provide a new name and logo to Phone application might know as – Google Call.”

For the Phone, 

For the Phone by Google app, a YouTube promotion has come recently as it’s presently authoritatively referred to on the Play store. It includes a URL to highlights and downloads a ‘reliable caller ID’ feature. The included screenshot that existing presently does not display anything strange.

The ad’s top right corner features the latest logo, its conventional phone icon, identical to the new voice logo. However, Google’s four colors are being used and is trailed by ‘Google Call.’

Yet, the updated new icon is not live anywhere, neither on Google Play nor on different sites. The Phone application, along with Duo and Messages, is driven by a similar chief that regulates the productivity suite. The current icon includes a slightly different size and is put against a blue background. Google Call could be the new name of the app and also its homescreen icon.

Accordingly, it could be possible that each of those customer communication items additionally has new looks standing by to be a launch or announced. That said, another name to go with it would a lot of be a departure. Though, that rebrand would be very reflective from Hold for Call Screen of all the Google smarts in the Phone app and Me as well as spam notice and search. 

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