Try these 3 new features on Windows 10

The major upgrade to Windows 10 started rolling out to PCs, laptops and should be available to download. With the new update, you’ll have a few important new features that’ll give an advantage over the new operating system.

As soon as you upgrade to this update, the computer life will be easier and more secure. As we spend our enough time at home on PC, Laptops for different work purposes, including work or play and other smaller things to make your experience better. It’ll also make your system ready for Windows 10 spring 2021 update.

In version 20H2, you can try these three best new features –

1- New Start Menu Customization

In the October 2020 Update, the classic Windows Start menu gets a modification. It features an arranged design and replaces the color backplates with partially transparent backgrounds of logos in the apps list to stand out the icons more. The colors will additionally change according to light or dark mode.

How to customize your new Start menu?

  • Add an accent color to match the tiles and desktop theme, so follow next.
  • Open Settings.
  • Click Personalization.
  • Open Color option.  
  • Now on Start, taskbar, and action center, you can enable the accent color.

2- Privacy improvements in Microsoft Edge browser

It’s the first time when Windows 10 Version 20H2 included the default installation of revamped Microsoft Edge browser. The browser is designed on Chromium which makes it compatible with a larger number of sites than the old version.

There are different advantages, as well. The new Edge browser comes up with a privacy feature to block sites that track you, and so features is named Collections. It allows you to more easily collect info from other websites. 

How to use the new Edge browser privacy settings?

Using a new Edge browser is almost similar to the same way of any other browser.

To start with, use your start menu or Taskbar to Navigate to the logo (showing similar to the old blue Internet Explorer “e” symbol). For setting up the privacy features, open Settings, then go to Privacy and services where three options are available fotracking prevention-

  • Basic (allows most trackers),
  • Balanced (prevent from sites you haven’t visited)
  • Strict (Block all sites’ majority trackers)

You can also check the privacy settings on the fly when the browser in use, for it;

  • On the left side of the search bar, click the Lock icon.
  • If your connection is secure, a box will display with the options to see the certification, site permissions, and cookies in use.

There’s also off or on Tracking Prevention toggle, and you can manage the setting for any of site your visit : microsoft365.cpm/setup.

Use the Edge browser Collections feature:

After you navigate to a page you want to save, tap on the icon with “+” in a box from Tab’s right. Then, click Start new collection, and name it something you want to. Add Current page option will save the current webpage. Additionally, there is an option to drag images and text, or you can add notes as well.   

3- Open all of your tabs at once

The update allows you to open all of Edge’s tabs with one command rather than each window’s active one. You’ll have an easy option to open a full view of each window that’s opened. The configuration can be done for the last three tabs, or you can turn it off.   

How to customize your tabs?

Press Alt + Tab to open all tabs at once. If you want to turn off the feature or configure the tab settings, open Settings > System > Multitasking.

Microsoft ends support for old non-Chromium Edge

The non-Chromium-based Edge of Microsoft has ended the support on March 9. Non-Chromium based Edge is the older version, and the new is Chromium-based. Though the new Chromium edge still has support from Microsoft, the original was created as a replacement for Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft has given name to this – Legacy Edge, and the company reported back in August that it would not continue the product to use. So, the day has finally come, and Legacy Edge presently don’t get security updates, and any user who is still using the browser should begin the switching process to something different.

Initially, Legacy Edge was codenamed SPARTAN, and Windows 10 involved it as the default web browser of the operating system before it was officially called Edge.  

In addition to the announcement, Microsoft says that by the April Windows 10 update, Legacy Edge will be automatically be eliminated with the new Edge that’ll install in its stead.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser has taken up Edge mantle, and it was in beta all through 2019 and officially released in January 2020. It means the Edge (the older one is) survived a little more than a year close by its replacement.

For users who are only tech supporting persons for your family, it’s worth making clear with your family members to ensure Microsoft successfully harassed them into changing to the new Edge. In case, somehow, their computers or your computer isn’t installed, you can go to Microsoft’s original website and download it directly from there.

The Legacy Edge death is bittersweet in some ways. The new Edge is immensely superior by most metrics, however it places the final nail in the custom coffin web-rendering engines of Microsoft, the history of which stretches back to Internet Explorer’s previous versions.   

It likely will not be missed, given its performance, though it’s still the finish of a time. Officially, the old Edge has gone, and the new one has completely replaced it.