Google will not restock Nest Detect

Once the current inventory sells out, the Nest Detect won’t be restocked.

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Google launched a new group of sensors in March with the goal to help current Nest Secure owners extend their systems.

The company recently reported via an email that once the current stock runs out, the Nest Detect will no longer be available for anyone.

Google decided in October to discontinue the Nest Secure. Then, the company said that they promise to release more Nest Detects by mid-December. On the Google store, it was out of stock for most of 2020, which left users to purchased used units.  

Thereafter, the deadline changed to early 2021 and lastly went live eventually in late March.

Initially, two Detects are available in Nest Secure kits; however, the vast majority of people require more to regularly monitor their homes. The sensor sticks to windows and doors to detect openings. A button is also featured in the small tube to quietly open a door while the house is armed without setting off the alarm.

The last Nest Detects stock is available for purchase currently on the Google Store. In the email, the company says that they are connecting with let you know that for a limited time, the Nest Detect sensors are back in stock, and once the stock runs out, Nest Detect will presently don’t be available to buy.

The company said that even at the end of 2020, they stopped selling the Nest Secure alarm system, they’re committed to convey basic security updates and software for the accessories like Nest Detect and Nest Secure alarm system.