Google’s new Fuchsia OS on old Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub.png

Major highlights-

  • Google is coming out with its most awaited Fuchsia OS for the first-generation Nest Hub.
  • The Operating System will initially be made available to be used by the users in the Preview Program and will slowly be rolled out in the broader area.

Google is reportedly on the verge of rolling out its most anticipated Fuchsia OS for the first-generation Nest Hub. The Fuchsia OS was initially begun to materialize in 2016 and this open-source operating system is prominent for being based on a microkernel called Zircon, instead of a Linux kernel. Google’s technical lead on the Fuchsia OS project, Petr Hosek tweeted, “You don’t ship a new operating system every day, but today is that day,”

The Nest Hub was initially released as the Google Home Hub. It has begun to disperse on 25th May and will take a couple of months to get released completely. The users will be able to use it first in the Preview Program and then it will slowly be discharged into the broader spectrum. The reports of the Fuchsia Operating System being tested on Nest Hub were already being circulated in the media for a while. Also, another significant update regarding the same was revealed via Bluetooth SIG listing showing Fuchsia 1.0 work for Nest Hub.

The current Cast Operating System will be switched with Fuchsia Operating System with a minor difference in the experience before and after the swap in the Operating System.

According to the search engine giant, Fuchsia OS is a production-grade operating system and is protected, comprehensive, updatable, and practical. Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer stated in 2019 that Fuchsia OS is just about art and all the learning can be slotted in the development of other products. The Fuchsia OS update may be seen in devices other than Google’s Nest Hub, while the change may take longer to surface.