Microsoft Teams on mobile gets an upgrade

Teams would read your posts and chats.

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Microsoft Teams on the mobile phone is getting an upgrade to the service that’s a lot simple. 

Recently, Microsoft has disclosed that Teams for smartphones, including Android and iOS, can now read posts and chats loud on your device, and it will offer another dimension to VC (video conferencing) service.

On the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the company said in a post that the Immersive Reader function will be coming to Android and iOS devices, having only been available on desktop apps and the web.

You also need to know that one can apply the function only within Microsoft Teams. It will also let users concentrate on a particular message or chat, which is currently available in the Teams’ desktop version.  

Possibly, the Immersive Reader will be coming in June 2021 to the Android and iOS Teams mobile apps. The roadmap entry said that the tool will be included customization techniques so it can support reading abilities and ages.

The information passed shortly after Microsoft disclosed that Teams is expecting to turn into an absolute necessity have tool for both personal lives and at work.

In the new features, the ‘Together Mode’ is one of them, which hopes to offer an alternate view from a standard video call and also the ability to respond with GIFs and live emojis during the call.

It seems like the new features may take Microsoft Teams from being an absolutely business tool, and rather helping bring to unite family and friends from globally as the pandemic ideally starts to ease.

In addition to this, Microsoft revealed that Teams meeting coordinators soon could enable/disable video feeds from regular participants, and they can turn off all participants’ video feeds.

This update is tending to less distracting to hosts and participants by the large collection of video feeds.