The next PlayStation VR will be 4K

According to UploadVR, it’ll include eye tracking. 

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UploadVR currently has some great rumors about Sony’s next-gen VR headset that is reported for the PS5. It will apparently include eye-tracking, 4K resolution, and a vibration motor for haptic feedback in the headset.

UploadVR reports, the upcoming headset should have a 4000 x 2040 resolution, providing each eye 2000 x 2040 pixels. The original PlayStation VR’s resolution is 960 x 1080 pixels for comparison. 

1832 x 1920 pixels per eye were included in Oculus Quest 2, what not exactly what Sony’s headset is supposed to have, in both cases, the screen-door effect can be avoided from the high resolution that can often hold VR headsets back from giving a reasonable image.    

Though it’s significant but dissimilar to the Quest 2, Sony had reported that the PlayStation headset is still wired with a single cable so you can connect it to the PS5 system.

According to UploadVR, it’ll be a USB-C cable which isn’t a big surprise. UploadVR additionally has some info about how the PlayStation VR successor will fill the extra pixels.

With the eye-tracking, of course, there are neat things you can do with, for example, more lifelike player avatars creation, however presently, it’s not so clear what Sony plans to do along those lines.

Additionally, UploadVR guarantees that are inside-out tracking, the next-gen headset will be used, which would absolutely be an update from the original’s re-purposed PlayStation Move system, which needed a stable camera to track your hands and head if you held a couple of shining sticks in a tiny region among you and the console.

The sources explain that the headset has a tracker to check the user’s eye for foveated rendering, where you’re looking, where the image be sharp, and peripheral vision being blurrier. This simulates how your eyes are actually seeing the world and allows the computer to work more efficiently than you might not be looking at by not completely delivering things at high resolution.          

Well, if truly these leaks are true, it seems like it could be a guaranteeing accessory for those who get PS5.